English Theater Moravia

or Enthemor for short, is an amateur drama group formed in 2008 in North Moravia, Czech Republic. The intention was to perform in English in order to give actors and audience practice in the language, but since this is also the land of Franz Kafka, the works chosen were problem plays, which is to say tragedy and comedy stitched together in a warped space-time fabric. Our original repertoire ranges from the American Civil War, Battle of Britain and Titanic to more contemporary themes like getting stuck in an elevator, cast away on a desert island, and a Marxist lunatic from Hollywood who claims to be a foot doctor. Our recent work was the satire Minister Swap, which looks at what would happen if two countries swapped identical cabinet ministers. Naturally, all hell breaks loose. At present we perform in a combination of English and Czech and rehearsals are now beginning for our first work for a combined adult-children audience, tentatively called Sponge Blob.

English Theatre Moravia – presenting problem plays in the land of Franz Kafka