Television ambush

The Ostrava premiere of The Coconuts took place at Cooltour in front of an audience of thirty-five, quite enthusiastic viewers. Before that, our two Jills and half the band appeared on the daytime show Sama doma (Home Alone) to talk about our play and they were immediately bushwhacked with the first question. ‘Would your play be different if it was about a woman stranded on a deserted island?’ Ola had the right answer for such an irrelevant opening: ‘In our case, yes.’ The three-minute clip with subtitles that we had prepared for the show got all of 30 seconds air time, and the trailer Monika brought them – at their request – was not shown at all. It was after their appearance that the reason for this unprofessional behavior became apparent. Jitka Zelenková had shown up to discuss HER play, and since she’s a legend, and our two hostesses were clearly enamored of her, she got all the time and attention that day. You can check out the ambush – in Czech – here.

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