Bananas from Opava

The city of Opava still retains the charm of its days as the capital of Upper Silesia, but as the home of a psychiatric ward, it makes a nice mention for the new surprise ending to Nohar. A couple of men in white overcoats sneak in and apply the same karate chop to our guest from Karl Marx Stadt that he just demonstrated on the interpreter. When Madame Director’s Wife refuses to believe the slumped figure in the wheelchair is an imposter from the madhouse, they take out a contraption and arouse him with a zap of voltage. Arouse him they do, for he launches into a foul-mouth tirade that doesn’t end until they lure him back to the chair with a banana and give him another zap. The poor interpreter, he’s grabbed her by the arms at the time, so she gets zapped as well and goes crashing to the floor for a second time that act.

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