The company premiered on 20 March 2010 with Sally Carter, a tale of the other Old South, poor sharecroppers who prefer nuttin’ better than squirrel stew and biscuits on Sunday. But this fightin’ for the rich man’s rights – whose dumbass idea was that? Was it that preacher fella?

In November of that year, the focus shifted to another war and the Luftwaffe trying to bring the hardy English nation to its heels. Lady Belfry is the Walking Cathedral of the community and is all for giving it to the Jerries, but not at the expense of her annual flower contest, which she suspects her working class neighbours are trying to subvert.

June 2011 saw the company perform for the first time in Prague, with its new play Locked Down, a more contemporary piece about a man trapped in an elevator all weekend while his fiancee, coworkers and parents randomly run into each other and think nothing of his absence…until Monday. Meanwhile he keeps company with an imaginary psychiatrist and dream girl.

The Titanic went down a century ago and the company marked the occasion with No Ship in Sight, which suggests that maybe the nemesis wasn’t an iceberg after all, rather a stoker irate at being used and manipulated by – what was that line from the film – the “better half”. The costumes were outstanding for its premiere in Ostrava on 14 April 2012.

Everybody loves a good Robinson Crusoe story. Everybody knows the story, even Roland Garfield, the control freak corporate boss in The Coconuts who suddenly finds that one of his employees, long feared dead after a plane crash over the ocean, has come back to collect his back pay. But not his girlfriend, who’s now Roland’s estranged wife. Probably better anyway, as this fellow talks to coconuts and goes around carrying an ax. Enthemor had a band on hand for the premiere on 28 April 2013.

The company literally decided to go back to its roots and those of most of the audience with Nohař, literally The Foot Doctor, in November 2014. This retrofitted story, performed mostly in Czech, tells of the arrival of a American podiatrist at a hospital in communist Czechoslovakia. He’s actually coming from East Germany, where he’s feted as a celebrity for turning his back on capitalism. The wife of the hospital director wants to do the same and has the staff in white coats prepare a sumptuous banquet for him, not knowing that other people in white coats are looking for him.

Staying with the Czech-English formula, Enthemor fast-forwarded to the modern era and found plenty of similar morons in the media and politics. In the satirical Výměna ministrů, or Minister Swap, the Czech Republic swaps its minister of education with the secretary of education in the US and the result is pure mayhem. The EU gets involved because the real swap has to do with the Czech president, who may or may not be what he seems.


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